TRHA will be sponsoring 8 shows this year.  To be eligible for year end prizes you must show in 4 of the 8 shows.


Hot Winter Slide                     Feb 8-10              Waco TX   onehotreining.com


Warm Up 1                             Feb 22-24            Waco TX   warmupseries.com


Great Escape Winter Slide    Mar 1-3                 Katy TX     gswec.com


Warm Up 2                            May 17-19            Waco TX    warmupseries.com


Great Summer Slide             May 31-June 2      Katy TX      gswec.com


Hot Summer Slide                July 25-29             Waco TX     onehotreining.com


Heritage Classic                   Sept 13-15            Katy TX       gswec.com


Warm Up 3                           Sept 19-22            Waco TX     warmupseries.com



TRHA is giving away 3 saddles this year for:

 Open, Non Pro and Rookie 2


Buckles will still be given for:

Intermediate Open, Limited Open

Intermediate Non Pro, Limited Non Pro

Prime Time Non Pro, Masters

Novice Horse Open 1, Novice Horse Open 2

Novice Horse Non Pro 1, Novice Horse Non Pro 2

Rookie 1, Rookie Prime Time

Youth 13 & Under, Youth 14 -18


TRHA New Point system for 2019

1st Place will get 20 pts

2nd Place will get 15 pts

3rd Place will get 12 pts

4th Place will get 10 pts

5th Place will get 7 pts


Anyone that rides in the class will get 2 pts

Remember: To qualify for year-end prizes, you must show in 4 shows!

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