TRHA will be sponsoring 8 shows this year.  To be eligible for year end prizes you must show in 4 of the 8 shows.


Hot Winter Slide                     Feb 8-10              Waco TX   entermyhorse.com


Warm Up 1                             Feb22-24             Waco TX   warmupseries.com


Great Escape Winter Slide    Mar 1-3                 Katy TX     gswec.com


Warm Up 2                            May 17-19            Waco TX    warmupseries.com


Great Summer Slide             May 31-June 2      Katy TX      gswec.com


Hot Summer Slide                July 25-29             Waco TX     entermyhorse.com


Heritage Classic                   Sept 13-15            Katy TX       gswec.com


Warm Up 3                           Sept 19-22            Waco TX     warmupseries.com

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